Election Day-final thoughts on 2010 cycle

I am sure the sun will rise tomorrow regardless of tonights outcome.  Elections rarely bring major change even in “tidal wave years.” If you think this election will be different I encourage you to read the Federalist Papers as to why and review the past 200 + years of our history to see what has happened every other time there has been a “wave” election.

I voted today early and turnout was about where it always is when I vote.  I am hearing the same from friends across the country.  Who knows who will show up today.  The tone of this year’s contests where harsh but spirited.  Competition is vital to the survival of our republic (again see Federalist Papers).  
I hope those elected understand that what makes us great is our ability to come together to deal with problems. Let’s hope that Congressional Freshman take the time to read our founding documents and understand their role in our republic.