I am back on Fox in the strategy room tomorrow at 3pm Log on to watch it live… Speaking of my Fox appearances, I was at a Democratic Party event last night and got my first negative comment from a fellow Dem. It wasn’t about what I had said on Fox, the person who delivered the rebuke had never seen me on Hannity, Cavuto or in the Strategy room, no she feels that all Dems should boycott the channel, never watch it… and for God’s sakes never appear. You legitimize it she said to me….

I told her it’s easy to preach to the choir, it’s a lot harder to be a missionary… Furthermore, Fox doesn’t need me to legitimize it, it’s the most watched cable news network and much bigger Democratic names then me have appeared on it. Bill and Hillary Clinton and President Obama to name a few.

She also suggested that Fox must be telling me what to say when I appear and editing my appearances if I get too good a point across… Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact quite the opposite, all but one appearance has been live and nothing I ever said was cut. Early on a producer told me not to hold back no one will be offended by anything you say about policy.

This woman is in the minority, most of my Democratic friends are tickled pink about my recent appearances. They know I love a good debate, and Fox has provided me a forum to debate some of the top Conservatives in the nation. I regularly go toe to toe with them and anyone who has seen my work would tell you I more then hold my own. Off camera everyone is friendly and cordial. We need more comity in this nation, we need more spirited debates about public policy, we can’t close our eyes and pretend that the other side doesn’t exist and hope that they will just go away. I may not agree with most conservative principles, but we can’t simply ignore them.

I go on Fox and I bring a Progressive Democratic message. It’s an opportunity to convince their viewers that Democrats aren’t socialist hippies but that we actually have some good ideas for America. I welcome the debate, I think we win it with most voters every time. I am thankful that I have a forum… what do you think?