The Sherrod Charade…

When a ridiculous right wing blog put up a highly edited tape accusing a long time federal official of racism against white people someone in the administration should have looked for the entire tape. I just watched it. In fact it’s the exact opposite of racism and its disgusting what happened to her. Mark Twain once said “a lie can travel half way around the world before the truth can put its boots on.” This was a lie and it traveled fast… Thank God the truth caught up to it.

Shirley Sherrod grew up in a South I pray is much different then it is today. Her father was murdered by a white supremacist and his killer never brought to justice. The speech was about how she reached an epiphany that whites and blacks share the problems of poverty and how she dedicated her career to help poor southern farmers regardless of race. No one who watches the entire speech can think anything else. The farmer and his wife were all over the news praising her work and how she saved their farm.

The blogger (who I won’t even name)is a race baiter and should never be taken seriously. Secretary Vilsack made a huge mistake by not taking a deep breath before they reacted to the reports. He and the administration are doing the right thing by admitting they got it wrong and apologizing to her.