The UAE has banned Blackberry use.  Good luck selling those private islands they built a few years back.  I have avoided restaurants and golf courses where I can’t get service, I can’t see how I will go to en entire country where I will be disconnected from the world.  

Wasn’t Dubai supposed to be the new business hub of the world? They built the tallest skyscraper and luxury resorts, expanded their coast line.  The plan was to attract western business and tourism to a “progressive middle eastern nation”.  I don’t see how this policy helps that.  Who wants to have an office in the middle of the desert without Blackberry coverage? Not me.  

Honestly, I like most of us have seen the discovery channel program about creation of the Dubai Palm Islands and the World. The engineering was amazing and it looked like a place I might want to check out at some point.  Not anymore.  

While I am an iPhone guy, I am sure they are blocking that too.  Sorry Dubai, I will be vacationing in Montauk.  I hope my phone works there.