Lindsay in Jail

I don’t know what how you feel about Lindsay but Drinking and Driving is a serious crime. I have lost an aunt and a H.S. friend to it. She is lucky that no one got hurt by her behavior. That said, I hope Lindsay comes out of jail and makes a comeback. She should follow the Robert Downey Jr. model. Get her life together and focus on her work. Some doubt her acting chops. I don’t… Mean Girls was a pretty good movie and she was good in it. She will play 70’s porn star Linda Lovelace in an upcoming biopic that will get tons of attention (probably more now that she’s going to jail) If she hits a home run it would be great for her career. There is nothing I love more then a comeback, so I am rooting for her. What do you think?

New York City Triathlon

Today I competed in the New York City Triathlon. The event was great. I thought friends had exaggerated how quick the Hudson River current was but it was shockingly fast and it really helped me out. The race was amazingly well organized. The City of New York and the Tri’s organizers did a great job putting on an amazing event. The logistics that go into things like this are mind blowing. Add to that doing the event in the largest, busiest city in the world and disasters can easily occur. I was amazed at how easy it was to register, pick up my race package, and even get my chip on race morning. By all accounts the race went off without a hitch. Even finishing my run in 90 degree heat in the hills of Central Park (yes, there are many hills in Central Park… many) couldn’t put a damper on the experience… I hope to do it again sometime… my final time was 2:41:13 a personal best for me in an Olympic Distance Tri by over 30 minutes.

Back to politics tomorrow should be a good week… Doing Fox News Strategy Room on Tuesday 3pm with Conservative Host Monica Crowley… Log on, tune in and get in on the conversation online. Send some comments live on that site while you watch….

The Economy

I was on Fox News Channel today talking about Business and the President. Some thoughts: This mess took years to develop and will take years to fix. Are we there yet? Absolutely not. Are we better off now then we were in January 2009? Of course we are just look at the Dow and your 401k statements. Look at the fact that the economy is no longer bleeding 700,000 jobs per month and is slowly starting to add private sector jobs. Do we need tougher regulation on banking and securities? Of course we do. Clearly the old system didn’t work and there needs to be significant change to make sure this never happens again. We can debate what the change will be but it’s insanity to argue that the lax regulations that brought us to the brink of a depression should continue.